the DAILY WORKER began
with the resurrection of a
past band Dirty Bomb. Two
former members, Tim Stowell
and Mike Pofelski felt the
desire to create music again
along the lines of older DM,
Information Society, Red Flag,
Camouflage, NIN, AND ONE,
etc. Chris Jensen joined in
the quest to make and play
incredible dance music live. A
forth member Michael Capell
was added and the live
element is even greater.
With four workers strong
the DAILY WORKER brings
live synth/rock to levels of
incredible fun. Live bass
lines, Live synths, Live guitar,
and Live singing = the DW.

Mike Pofelski

Mike P.

Creator of the Daily Worker's music, Mike Pofelski is also the singer. Using a hybrid of software, hardware, vox, and guitar, Mike P. is the head worker.

Tim Stowell

Tim S.

Tim Stowell has been making music the longest with Mike P. They have survived two other bands together. Tim is a master at the octapad drumming and drums most of the bass lines in the songs. He also sings back up and main vocals, and plays the keytar.

Michael Capell

Michael C.

Michael Capell is the newest worker and has added an extra element to the live aspect of the Daily Worker. He plays keys, drums some bass lines, sings back up, and plays a little keytar too.

Chris Jensen

Chris J.

Chris Jensen has provided some key parts in some of the songs. He plays many of the lead keyboard parts in songs. In addition he is the main source of the synthetic robot vocals in songs.

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